Welcome to Broome Coast Charters! We pride ourselves on providing you with the best fishing experience that Broome has to offer. Captained by a local guide, Captain Cuzens knows all of the best spots to fish around Broome in order to guarantee you at least one catch. But don’t worry, you’ll catch heaps more than just one fish!

To offer you the best possible fishing experience, we carry a maximum of six passengers per charter. Small numbers help to make the day more enjoyable for everyone; not to mention that this means more fish for you!


Pick up and drop offs

We’ll pick you up in the morning and take you home in the afternoon! In our air-conditioned courtesy shuttle, you’ll get to meet the crew, chat with fellow passengers and gear up for an incredible day.

Guaranteed Catch

The whole point of fishing in Broome is to come home with some fish! Thanks to our fishing knowledge, we know the best spots off shore to guarantee you with at least one catch. Don’t even worry about this one, we’ve never come home empty handed.



Complimentary snacks, water, and soft drinks will be provided as well as lunch for the full day charters. Feel free to bring your own alcohol and an esky will be provided!

Filleted fish

Most charters will let you take your catch home, but they’ll rarely prepare your fish for you. At Broome Coast Charters, we’ll fillet your catch for you. We’ll recommend our favorite recipes for preparing the fish and even let you know which restaurants in town will cook them up for you! Does it get any better than that?